Trust. Compassion. Leadership.

I am passionate about our public schools and the role they play in shaping our students’ learning futures and in building an engaged and thriving community. We face multiple challenges with our schools, including providing high-quality learning environments and ensuring equal access for all students and families. Our schools form a cornerstone in our community and we all have a stake in the solutions.

It is essential to address the challenges currently facing our students, like the crumbling infrastructure of our elementary schools and our changing enrollment demographics and decline, while building broad community engagement and outreach.

Neither of these challenges - infrastructure and changing enrollment - can be successfully addressed in our community without the third priority of building broad community outreach and engagement in developing the solutions. This is where my skills and experience will be especially helpful as a member of the School Committee. Through my career in communications and marketing, I’ve developed the listening, goal-setting, and solution-finding skills that will help ensure all voices are heard, all concerns, hopes, and ideas are brought to the table when crafting solutions.

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"As a member of the Enrollment Working Group, she has dedicated significant effort toward understanding the substantial enrollment issues facing our district...she has a hopeful outlook about what is possible for our schools. That’s leadership I am pleased to support." 
 - Ginny Hamilton

"The Amherst School Committee has always had varied and diverse opinions, much like our thriving community.  Allison will seek to listen to all voices, with thoughtfulness, critical thinking and optimism. With two children in the Amherst public schools, she shares my commitment to a rigorous education, in a healthy environment for all the children of our community."  - Rebecca Spencer

"I have known Allison for 15 years and know her to be a conscientious and compassionate parent and neighbor, and a dedicated citizen... she joined the Enrollment Working Group for the schools and was able to bring her professional creative and quantitative skills to their work in creating options for the problems the schools face. She would bring those same skills to her work with the Amherst School Committee."  - Susan Tracy

"With an advanced degree in business administration, and 25 years of professional experience in leadership, communications, and marketing in both nonprofit and for-profit arenas, Allison is able to research complex issues, analyze information, and synthesize ideas." 
- Deborah Leonard

"Allison’s best qualities are her can-do work ethic,  positive attitude, listening skills and sense of humor. She is an easy person to get along with and handles disagreements with tact... In a time of divisiveness in town politics, Allison is what is needed to move our school system forward."  - Patrick Schilling

 "She's served on the enrollment working group and she's ready to work for what she believes in - quality public schools that we can all be proud of. Please join me in supporting Allison for school committee on March 27th."  - Johanna Neumann

"...What particularly stands out for me about Allison is how effectively she listens (a rare quality in today’s world!), then synthesizes input into action-oriented plans. She’s honed these skills over decades as a communications professional and as a volunteer in our schools." 
- Katherine Appy